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About Us


The Space Systems Engineering Laboratory (SSEL) was founded in 2010 by space engineer Roberto Furfaro in collaboration with his students, LPL and Raytheon.

Our dedicated students and researchers come from a variety of backgrounds, including Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering. They all share a strong interest in space exploration and the commitment to expand its frontiers. Our key research areas include guidance and control of space systems, intelligent algorithms for space exploration, remote sensing of planetary bodies as well as model-based systems engineering applied to space missions

Nevertheless, SSEL is currently working on several high-level projects such as OSIRIS-Rex Asteroid Sample Return Mission and the recent NASA NEO Surveillance Mission, just to mention a few.

SSEL is also currently collaborating with several Italian partner universities, with which it entertains cultural and educational exchanges in the framework of visiting student and research programmes.




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