Tanner Campbell

Graduate Research Assistant


Tanner is a graduate student in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at UA and received bachelor's degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Mathematics from the University of Miami, FL. His research focuses mainly on Dynamics and Control. He worked on the OSIRIS-REx mission testing and evaluating the Stereophotoclinometry software used to develop shape models for autonomous navigation. Currently, he is working on a project with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to develop software to track and discover Near-Earth Objects (NEOs), and working with Dr. Reddy to develop an astrometry/photometry pipeline for daytime and nighttime observations with the RAPTORS telescope. His master's thesis is centered around using artificial intelligence for spacecraft autonomous navigation.


  • BSc, Aerospace Engineering and Mathematics, the University of Miami



  • Campbell, T., Reddy, V., Furfaro, R., & Tucker, S. (2019). Characterizing LEO Objects using Simultaneous Multi-Color Optical Array. amos, 51.
  • Campbell, T., Furfaro, R., Linares, R., & Gaylor, D. (2017, January). A deep learning approach for optical autonomous planetary relative terrain navigation. In 27th AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting, 2017 (pp. 3293-3302). Univelt Inc. PDF